I am addicted to you - Guilty Pleasures with Justina’s Gems 2

Guilty Pleasures with Justina’s Gems

Justina from  Justina’s Gems informs all concerning her guilty pleasures in shopping and consistently life in The Beauty Spotlight Team’s newest series: Guilty Pleasures.

At the point when the season changes to Fall, I’m helped to remember the greater part of my guilty indulgences. I genuinely feel that this is the season of guilty pleasures. It’s back to school shopping time and parents are out purchasing their kids new garments and stocking up on end of the season clearance things for one year from now. Starbucks turns out with the Pumpkin Spice Latte and just to pay tribute to hot beverages making a rebound people feel constrained to purchase them. Our tans begin to blur and we need to go after new makeup items, and possibly go after more full scope and more enduring products since they’re not in danger of rubbing off at the shoreline. It appears like the majority of my companions are donning an alternate hair style or shading of late too out of appreciation for the end of summer and the begin of Fall. One thing unquestionably seems to be valid this season of year many people are out shopping!

1) Coffee and tea. I begin each and every day with a cup of coffee or two. Starbucks is a genuine guilty pleasure, yet I’m attempting to reduce and blend my own at home. In the event that you have an incredible iced coffee recipe that doesn’t have a TON of sugar, please share! Alternately a good at home formula for the Flat White. Decaf tea is my beverage of choice for before sleep time.

2) Target. The Red Dot Boutique is essentially my most loved spot to go EVER. I can’t escape from there without spending min $100. I just purchased all new lavatory organization for my cosmetics last time I was in there, and supplied up on my fake plant gathering, because they had all of them on clearance!

3) A great clearance deal. I don’t know whether everybody does this or just me, however every time I shop I set out straight toward the clearance segment. I am continually searching for an extraordinary deal and I am fixated on my newly found discovered Retail me Not application I can seek every accessible coupon online or in store from the application. It is so cool!

4) Ombré hair. We have all salivated over the ombré hairdo on Pinterest whether we wear it ourselves or not. A couple of years prior I went subtle ombré and observed it to be the ideal low maintenance mother do. I adore that I can in any case go and treat myself to a hair style and shading and light up a couple layers, yet it’s not urgent that I go and get it touched up each 6-8 weeks. I was desiring a change the previous winter and went dark however I couldn’t stay away and got re-ombré’d a couple of months back.

5) Under eye items. Anything that guarantees to take away under eye bags, light up, conceal, and so forth is on my list of things to get or in my cosmetics bag. I’m genuine fixated on concealer, serum, and anything lighting up. Regardless of the possibility that I’m bearing a little cosmetics sack, ensured a large portion of the substance are focused at my under eye zone.

6) Berry lipstick. Another lipstick is the perfect pick me up. I am continually hunting down another berry shade. Estée Lauder True Liar is a recent favourite and newly released thing I just got off my list of things to get.