The Ultimate Guide To DIY Box Decorating – Fun & Creative

This DIY box decorating guide is the only way to stop that painfully ugly box from your closet staring at you. You’ve been avoiding to ditch it because it’s kind of functional, but let’s face it, it simply doesn’t match you, nor your preferred color scheme.

No worries, with this DIY box decorating guide you can perform miracles and make your little storage boxes glow with the chic. Check how.


With the help of this DIY box decorating guide, your wardrobe will look cooler than ever!


1- Fabric

With a transformation that requires only a few simple tools, like colored fabrics, ruler, pencil, scissors, and a spray glue, your box can be made to match just about anything. Pick some leftover scraps of fabric or a worn-out t-shirt and you’re ready to start. Cut the fabric into proper dimensions, mark where the bottom of your box should be, then spray the glue onto the bottom of the box and set the fabric on. Once the bottom is fixed, glue the fabric onto the sides and cut off the extras. Yep, that’s it. That simple.

DIY Box Decorating


2- Buttons

If you’re feeling extra creative, use colorful and unique, different-sized buttons that you can easily adorn your box with using a hot glue gun.

DIY Box Decorating


3- Paper rose

Paper roses are much easier to make that you would ever think. All you need is some nice paper, scissors, and glue. Start by taking a piece of paper and drawing a spiral on it. For larger roses, make sure that the lines are far apart. Following the lines, cut out the spiral and glue its edges together, making them overlap slightly. This will create a natural looking petal.

DIY Box Decorating


4- Glitter

For a really eye-catching box, use sequins, glitter, and any other shiny things that come into your mind. Just mod-podge the area where you want to apply it, add the decoration and let it dry.   Could it be more simple?

DIY Box Decorating


5- Decoupage

To decorate your box using the decoupage technique, all you’re going to need is some paper (literally any type of paper, from book pages and cute wallpapers to gift wraps) and basic white school glue. Make a paste with a 1:1 ratio of water to white glue and spread it on your box, then apply the layer of the paper and repeat the process until you have the desired result. For a flawless result, top it off with some lacquer or a seal of varnish.

DIY Box Decorating