Greece Travel Guide: 5 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Greece

Traveling abroad or looking for a good reason/an excuse to sail away for a while? Make sure you include the most beautiful places in Greece on your must-visit list!

What does first come into your mind when you hear the name of this amazingly unique country, the one that has served as a crossroad of civilizations for centuries? Is it its breathtaking nature, of the treasures made by man? Is it its sunny island beaches, stunning mountainous landscapes and friendly atmosphere, or is it the ancient ruins and historic sites along with the tasty cuisine, awesome nightlife scene and numerous cultural delights?

No wonder that, with all its richness, Greece finds itself among the top European travel destinations. Here’s the review of the most beautiful places to see if you’re visiting Greece.


These are the most beautiful places in Greece


1- Cape Sounion

Located at the southernmost peak of the Attica peninsula, this site is best known for the ruins of the temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea according to the ancient Greek mythology. Perched on jagged rocks on the headland of Cape Sounio and surrounded by the sea on three sides, this temple, built in 444 BC, is a living proof that the Ancient Greeks definitely did know how to pick a great site for a temple.



2- Thessaloniki

The Greece’s second-largest city, Thessaloniki, is the capital of the Macedonian region and the cultural capital of Greece, famous for its lively festivals, buzzing nightlife and numerous social and entertainment events. This beautiful city offers you an opportunity to explore both old and new age at the same time – from its Byzantine walls, Turkish baths and White tower, to the colorful and lively food markets, restaurants, art galleries and museums. No wonder that this vibrant city has given the country some of its greatest artists, musicians, poets and thinkers.



3- Zagori

Zagori, one of the most beautiful places in Greece, is little known among the visitors typically heading to the islands or Athens. This region, however, is a place of a great unspoiled natural beauty, with its dense forests, canyons, rugged mountains, rivers, superb hiking trails and traditional ancient villages featuring stone houses from the late 18th century.



4- Halkidiki

Located near Thessaloniki, Halkidiki is a peninsula famous for its unique shape resembling Poseidon’s trident and intoxicating beauty of its beaches with the green forests that reach right down to them and golden sunlight that gets reflected in the turquoise surface of its waters. Its sensational nature, traditional style and architectural sites, rich gastronomic offer and cultural heritage definitely make it worth visiting.



5- Peloponnese

Peloponnese, widely recognizable for its large-leaf shape, is a peninsula located in the most southernmost region of both Greece and Europe, connected to the mainland by a bridge. What makes Peloponnese so significant and admirable is its treasured variety of classical Greek temples, Byzantine churches, Venetian fortresses, Mycenaean palaces, and of course, Olympia – the place where the very first Olympic Games were hosted.



If not till now, right now you have 5 more reasons to not only travel abroad but to also visit Greece. There is absolutely nothing what this country cannot satisfy when it comes to tastes. As mentioned before, from cultural and architectural places to beautiful landscapes and beaches. Of course, you will discover much more than 5 beautiful places but we made a short list to give you an idea where to start. Every single person can find something attractive and enjoy their time. At any time of a day you can find something interesting and exciting. Even if you travel for business, you will not be able to resist this country. We are sure you will take some time off and explore the country. It is well known that even people who don’t like traveling or visiting places, simple cannot say NO to this beautiful and amazing country. Business trip, very soon, becomes trip for fun and relax. So, if you have the opportunity to travel abroad, go there and you will not regret it. After enjoying your time in some of Greece’s beautiful places, you will come back home with double energy for your new challenges in life. What do you say? Ready to go?