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Great Britain is leaving the European Union- shocking news!

In Great Britain has  came to a historical decision that shocked not only western Europe but the whole continent. Great Britain had a referendum and voted for the exit from EU. After votes have been counted in a ration 52% versus  48%, the option of getting out of Union has won. To be precise 17.4 mil voted “yes” and 16.1 mil voted “no”.

After financial market realized that Great Britain is leaving EU, the value of British pound has drastically dropped.

All British TV stations have announced that was obvious that voters for exit from EU will win.


great britain


David Cameron, British prime minister, immediately after the results of referendum were announced, has given resign. He was forced  to call a referendum because of the conflict within his own Conservative party. The right side of the party was obviously for exiting the EU, while Cameron has struggled for staying.

Ex mayor of London, Boris Johnson  praised the resignation of Cameron saying that Cameron is a brave principle man. He was thankful that Cameron made such a step and called the referendum because he believes that people have right to vote and choose what they want.


By exiting EU, Great Britain made gave impact to EU

great britain

Britain will be the first out of 28 country members that will exit the EU. It is believed that this will strongly affect the rest of EU which is fighting with the financial and economic crisis since 2008.

Exiting EU is a huge victory for English nationalists says Financial Times. They also want to go out of United Kingdom. Northern Ireland and Scotland voted for staying within EU.

Britain will, in the upcoming years, thinking about their new reduced position in the world. Most likely it will come to United Kingdom breakup, says Financial Times.

New York Times added that this result is a disaster for EU. The lost of Britain is a huge impact on EU which is fighting with very slow  employment growth and influx of refugees.

This huge news will be very actual these days and we will inform you about all the changes.