Grammys Red Carpet

Grammys Red Carpet and nails fashion trends

We have the opportunity to enjoy the Grammys Red Carpet and all those fabulous outfits that were breathtaking! Some of them were “too much”, too bold and provocative, some were amazing, but one thing they have in common: they made an impression! And after all those years, following the fashion trends, that’s not an easy task, you will agree with me on this, girls!

Grammys Red Carpet – the best manicures spotted on the fashion scene

By looking at these gorgeous dresses, we sometimes forget to pay the attention to other details which are equally important. Nails are minimalistic fashion signatures of every one of us. And the celebrities had something to say, concerning the nails art.

What we noticed on the Red Carpet this season is the dominance of pastel tones and black color! Many celebrities wore black polish on their nails. If we had to choose the perfect black nails, then Demi Lovato would certainly be a winner. With her glossy black nails, she looked astonishing and set a new trend in the season 2016.

Ariana Grande had adorable baby pink nail polish that was a perfect accessory to her outstanding outfit. Janelle Monae broke the trends for 2016 and made a bold combination of chessboard nails in red and white colors.

Selena Gomez made an impression combining the vibrant colors of her outfit with pale, almond shape nails. Taylor Swift was up to a glittery gold shade while Bonnie McKee had an adorable pink pastel shade with a gold stud.

Kacey Musgraves paired her ultradeep purple short nails with her colorful dress. Chrissy Teigen painted her nails in trendy pastel shades that match the color of her outfit.

So, girls, take a look at the newest nails fashion trends and go get some pastel tone nail polish. If you were always for darker alternatives, then shiny and glossy black nail polish would be a trendy choice for you!