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15 Gorgeous Wall Decals For Your Kids’ Room

Wall decals give a totally new dimension to kids’ room. Th ones we prepared to share with you have one another benefit and that is the fact that you can remove, or replace them with a new ones whenever you want.


Here are 15 wall decals that are simply adorable:


1- Dot decals- make your own dot rainbow

wall decalsetsy.com


2-Bear decals for doorswall decalsetsy.com


3- A map that can also help kids to learn something about the continents

wall decalsamzn.to


4- This one for learning about one continent and states

wall decalsfab.com


5- A chalkboard- it can be also a great organizer 

wall decalspixel.brit.co


6- Growth chart- kids love to keep track about their height 

wall decalsetsy.com


7- Decals that can be customized by photo you select 

wall decalsshutterfly.com


8- Alphabet- again for learning

wall decalsallmodern.com


9- Here is something for a shelf

wall decalsfab.com


10- Feel like you are in a backyard drinking tea

wall decalsetsy.com


11- Happy animal chat

wall decalswhatisblik.com


12- Here is something for fans of Star Wars

wall decalsfathead.com


13- Colorful chalkboard 

wall decalslandofnod.com


14- Flowers to make a beautiful garden

wall decalshearthsong.com


15- Watermelon 

wall decalsetsy.com