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7 Gorgeous Spring Beauty Trends To Embrace Right Now

Dear ladies, start practicing these awesome spring beauty trends right now just to make sure you   get it right, before the warm fragrant days actually knock on our door.

Get ready for spring with these hottest spring beauty trends

1. Blue eye shadow

Blue is a major beauty hit this spring. Use all shades of blue to emphasize your eyes: super-saturated blue shades, deep navy, smudgy blue…

Spring Beauty Trends



2. Fancy accessories

Accessories for the upcoming season are everything but plain and typical. If you want to rock the hottest spring beauty trends with all their beautiful girly drama and gorgeous styles, crowns and tiaras are a must! When choosing your unique hair accessories, make sure they come in extravagant, extraordinary, eye-stealing shapes. The most popular tones are metallic and gold. If you’re looking for some real princess-y look, add some crystals and pearls. You’ll look fabulous!

Spring Beauty Trends



3. Vamp lipstick

Yes, you’ve got that right – this season everything seems to be about drama. So, don’t let your lips be left out. Sprinkle some dark berries tones, dark rich purple and chocolate brown shades on them for a real gothic look. However, when using dark shades on your lips, make sure you keep the rest of your makeup minimalistic – no one fancies too much drama.

Spring Beauty Trends



4. 70’s fringe

If you’re looking for a refreshing change in your hairstyle, consider getting the 70’s bangs – that have made a huge comeback this year. They work for all the hair types – curly, pixie, long, short, and bring a lot of fun!

Spring Beauty Trends



5. Pink shades

Along with the blue, pink shadow is another great trend this spring. Everything works – from subtle, peachy tones to dark pink.

Spring Beauty Trends



6. Sparkles

Shimmery and glittery, regardless the color, is your perfect choice for the real sophisticated, ladylike look.

Spring Beauty Trends



7. Braids

Plaits are super hot this season, so warm up your diligent fingers and start braiding!

Spring Beauty Trends