ponytail hairstyles

3 gorgeous ponytail hairstyles – so easy to make

Hi, girls! You must have been at least once in your life in a situation that you are in a hurry and your hair is a mess! Gorgeous ponytail hairstyles are all that you need for emergency situations! So easy to make and they will make you look fabulous in just a few minutes!

Amazing ponytail hairstyles – great idea for girls in a hurry

You have a date and your hair is a mess, or you just snoozed the alarm and you are already running late for some important meeting! Sometimes, we are just running out of time to make some difficult hairstyle. We just need something quick but at the same time elegant. A hairstyle that will be chic but without too much effort.

You are maybe thinking it’s not possible, but actually it is! We bring you a super cool tutorial for all those moments when you have to be fast. The first hairstyle that you are about to see in the video is amazing! It is so easy and at the end you’ll have the glamorous and elegant hairstyle that you can have for any occasion. And the best part, you won’t be using any bobby pin! Incredibly simple and effective!

The second hairstyle is called “a hidden ponytail”. It is easy just as the previous one. You just have to practice with the part of using a strand of your hair from the  main ponytail and adding it to the new section and tiding them with an elastic band. But it is easy to learn.

The third hairstyle is “Double twist”. As you will see, for this hairstyle you shouldn’t tie your hair too loosely in order to be able to twist it. Make a ponytail, create a loop at the top and put your ponytail in it. Gather the rest of your hair and make another loose ponytail. Lift your ponytail up and put it into the first loop that you created.

And you are done! Simple and easy!