Denzel Washington Receives the Cecil B. DeMille Award - Golden Globes 2016 awards

Golden Globes 2016 The Cecil B. DeMille Award: Denzel Washington

Golden Globes 2016 The Cecil B. DeMille Award: Denzel Washington!  What’s so special about the Cecil B. DeMille Award? It is the award that is bestowed by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment.

Denzel Washington received Golden Globes 2016 The Cecil B. DeMille award and brought his family to the stage. There were his wife Pauletta, actress who he married in 1983 and the three of his children: John David (31), Katia (28) and Olivia (24). Only his son Malcolm wasn’t present due to his finishing the thesis at ATF.

And who would be the better winner than Denzel Washington? This famous, talented actor proved to be one of the best actors not only in the USA but worldwide. His great opus includes some of the best-known movies: Malcolm X, The Hurricane, Cry Freedom, Remember the Titans, American Gangster and many more…

For his work, he won three Golden Globe awards: Best Supporting Actor for his role in the drama “Glory” and Best Actor for the role in “Training Day” and a Tony Award.

There are some interesting facts about Denzel Washington: Did you know that he is a devoted Christian and he considered to become a preacher? He even said in 1999, that he felt he needed to preach and by playing great men he had the opportunity to speak and preach through them. He took his talent seriously and used it for a greater good.

There is a story that some woman who he met at his mother’s salon purely coincidentally, stated that he would speak to millions after he grew older. The woman was known as prophetess among the people in the local community.

As a great professional, Denzel prepared himself for many roles. In preparation for the role in “Courage Under Fire,” he qualified to operate the tank (M1A1) and to shoot 120 mm gun because he took the training at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California.

Not only the great actor, Denzel Washington is also a great man who participated in many charitable actions: he donated $1 million to Save Africa’s Children, an organization that provides HIV and AIDS medication to the children in Africa.

Denzel Washington certainly deserves the  Golden Globes 2016 The Cecil B. DeMille Award he won.