Christian Slater Wins Best Supporting Actor on TV at the 2016 Golden Globes awards

Golden Globes 2016 Best Supporting Actor on TV: Christian Slater

Golden Globes 2016 Best Supporting Actor on TV: Christian Slater!  Christian Slater won this year the  Golden Globes 2016 Best Supporting Actor on TV award for the thriller-drama series “Mr. Robot”.

On the special ceremony, he revealed that he is a huge fan of Harrison Ford. while on the stage, the first thing he said was “Hi, Harrison!”, waving at the direction of the famous actor.

He also thanked his wife and a creator of this series Sam Esmail for creating a brilliant character and for being a creative genius. Christian Slater portrayed the character of Mr. Robot in this hit series.

Mr. Robot” follows the story of a young hacker, Elliot Alderson who is a cyber engineer by day, working on the security issues and a hacker by night. An interesting character played by Rami Malek suffers from social anxiety and has a hard time communicating with people. His communication is based on hacking the people he is interested in.

He receives an offer from a mysterious anarchist Mr. Robot to join his “fsociety” and to basically turn against the company and corporation he works for. Intrigued by the offer, he is not sure whether he wants to join this society.

The series which received great acclaims from critics was created by Sam Esmail and launched on May 2015. The author said that he was inspired by hackers for years and that he wanted to make a movie for a long time. As the time passed by and the script grew considerably, he concluded that the better format would be a Tv series. Sam Esmail quoted some of the best-known series and films to be the major influence to his work on his own series: American Psycho, The Matrix, Taxi Driver..

Christian Slater depicted this role perfectly for which he won  Golden Globes 2016 Best Supporting Actor on TV award. He starred in many famous movies so far:  Heathers, The Legend of billy Jean, Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves, The Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, Broken Arrow and many more.

Golden Globes 2016 Best Supporting Actor on TV went to the right hands! Watch this hit series and enjoy the performance of this famous actor.