Jon Hamm Wins Best Actor in a Drama TV Series

Golden Globes 2016 Best Actor in a Drama TV Series: Jon Hamm

Golden Globes 2016 Best Actor in Drama TV Series: Jon Hamm!  Jon Hamm was starring in one of the best TV series ever – The Mad Man and won prestigious Golden Globes 2016 Best Actor in Drama TV Series award for the character of Don Draper.

This famous series depicts the advertising agency in the 1960’s in the USA. The term “Mad Man” is said to be coined by the advertisers themselves. The series started at 2007 and by its very end, at May 2015, it had seven seasons and 92 episodes.

It was created by Matthew Weiner and produced by Lionsgate Television. Jon Hamm is portraying one of the famous television anti-heroes, Don Draper who is depicted as young, successful man who had troubled childhood. He tries to conceal that, but he cannot avoid the fact that exactly that shaped him in who he is today. He is a confident, brilliant professional on the outside, but deep down, he hides many insecurities that reflect in his vices, such as excessive smoking, drinking and womanising. That doesn’t change the fact that he is a creative genius of the Sterling Cooper – firm on Madison Avenue.

One of the most intriguing TV character Don Draper hides many secrets! But, the biggest of all is that his true name is not Don Draper. His real name is Dick Whitman, a Korean deserter who switched the dog tags of Lt. Donald H. Draper in order to escape his own life.

Some of the disturbing facts that revealed during this seven seasons include that Don Draper was raped when he moved to live in the bordello of his stepmather after the death of his abusive father .That suppressed memory actually hunts him and he shows signs of abandoned child syndrome. All of the devastating effects of abuse and emotional negligence greatly affected this character, who is interesting to observe due to his many flaws.

With the astonishing acting of Jon Hamm, who received the  Golden Globes 2016 Best Actor in Drama TV Series award for his role of Don Draper, this series is certainly something worth watching !