Golden Globes 2016

Golden Globes 2016 Best Actor in Drama: Leonardo DiCaprio

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Golden Globes 2016 Best Actor in Drama: Leonardo DiCaprio!  Well, at least for us girls, those blue eyes are adorable! Besides being every girl’s dream, Leonardo diCaprio is certainly one of the most talented actors nowadays.  We remember him from many successful roles: the most prominent one is certainly Titanic, but the other movies are just as well worth mentioning: the Departed, Blood Diamond, the Aviator, Revolutionary Road, Catch me if You Can, Django Unchained…

His latest role in the Revenant, by the Alejandro Gonzales  Iñárritu as a director, brought him the nomination for the  Golden Globes 2016 Best Actor in Drama! The story follows the frontiersman, Hugh Glass (Leonardo diCaprio) who was a member of the hunting party. After the vicious attack of the Aricara Indians, they are forced to move and to leave their settlement. But during the retreat, Hugh Glass separated from the rest of the men from hunting party and gets attacked by the grizzly bear that was protecting her cubs.

Severely wounded, Hugh Glass becomes a burden to the hunting party. Fitzgerald, one of the main characters portrayed by Tom Hardy, suggests the monstrous plan to just kill Hugh and end his suffering. The captain of the hunting party, Andrew Henry (Domhnall Gleeson) offers the payment to anyone willing to stay and help Glass until he expires. After the offer was raised, Fitzgerald decides to stay with Glass until he dies.

And the dramatic chain of events begins here! In the amazing story of betrayal and a strong will for life, you can see the astonishing acting of Leonardo diCaprio and his convincing performance in portraying the ultimate battle for life. As the movie reveals the hidden motives of human greed and evil, you can see how a passion for life and justified need for revenge led the main character Hugh Glass in his pursuit for revenge.

The unspeakable betrayal of John Fitzgerald will not go unpunished. Until his last breath, Hugh Glass will try to seek the justice for him and for his son!

The amazing acting of Leonardo diCaprio proved once more that the Golden Globes 2016 Best Actor in Drama award went to the right hands. Not only had he proved to be one of the most talented actors, he also proved to be an actor of high versatility. An actor able to portray different personalities and to be convincing in portraying every one of them.

We are sure you will enjoy the Golden Globes 2016 Best Actor in Drama, Leonardo diCaprio’s performance once more and that the movie will leave you speechless. Leonardo gave his best shot once more – worth watching!