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Embracing A Gluten Free Diet: These Are The 4 Foods To Avoid

There might be many reasons against embracing the gluten free diet: it’s frustrating, limiting, demanding, and many gluten-free products are pricey. We feel you.

The reason for embracing it, though? Health. What’s more important than your health, anyway? Besides, there are many natural, gluten-free foods that are not expensive at all. All you need is some imagination and patience.


Who should be sticking to a gluten free diet and why?


While embracing the gluten-free diet does mean you will have to avoid certain types of food and grains, such as rye, wheat and barley – for they affect digestion and may cause intestinal inflammation in those dealing with celiac disease, this kind of diet is a savior for many. Of course, if it’s done right.

And while it’s widely popular nowadays, it’s important to note that embracing a gluten free diet won’t have any direct effect on your health unless you’re diagnosed with celiac disease, struggling with gluten intolerance/sensitivity or dermatitis herpetiformis.

Why do so many people choose to go gluten-free then, you may ask? Most probably because of the increasingly popular diet that is high in protein and low in carbs. Despite gluten being a protein itself, it’s usually contained by bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries – foods that are typically associated with dietary diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and weight gain. And while it’s the calorie, fat content and sugars that should be blamed for these conditions, many unknowingly decide to kick off gluten. Unnecessarily.

However, if you have any of the above-listed conditions, it is crucial that you avoid the following foods.


List of foods to avoid when embracing a gluten free diet


1- Creamy soups

Unless you make them yourself, you’re probably unaware of the fact that most creamy soups actually contain flour – the absolute no when it comes to celiac disease. Instead, go for the broth-based and pasta-free soups.

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2- Soy sauce

Did you know that soy sauce is made from wheat? Yep, that’s right, fermented wheat. And while many brands are not too keen on warning consumers about this, this is another food you should take off your list. Unless, of course, it carries the ‘gluten-free’ label.

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3- Salad dressing

Both oil-based and cream, processed salad dressing products contain gluten. And while it, again, isn’t usually mentioned in the ingredient list, you should be extra cautious when choosing a bottled dressing and do some research about the brand in advance to ensure that your product does not contain gluten. Ideally, we recommend that you make your own salad dressing because it’s both healthier and more affordable than the one bought in a store.

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4- Potato chips

While potatoes don’t normally contain gluten, most of the store-bought chips do. Why? Because of the wheat-based flavoring. The good news, however, is that the most chips brands make sure to mention it in the list of ingredients. To be totally sure, though, you can always make your own chips or buy the gluten-free version of it.

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We hope that this list is helpful. It is very important to take intolerance to gluten seriously. Many people are aware of the problem they have when it comes to gluten and still continue to consume food which contains it. But all of you out there who are doing the same thing must be aware of one thing, ignoring your problem with gluten will bring only more problems. Of course, we are talking about problems with health. If you ignore the fact that you must consume only gluten free food, and stick to gluten free diet, you can end up with much more serious problems than having celiac disease. If our body rejects something it is obvious that you cannot force it to fight with that. So, what is important is to take all the necessary health tests to discover if  you really are intolerant to gluten, or maybe you have some other health problem or allergy. If your test to gluten intolerance is positive then follow the advice given from your doctor and make sure to stick to it 100%. Never jeopardize your health due to  stubbornness, or huge appetite. Because you can end up eating much worse food than the gluten free one. In the end, you will discover that there are so many great gluten free recipes. All you have to do, is to accept the fact and start making your own gluten free diet.