glitter nails

Glitter nails are always a beaty trend

Hi, girls! Is there a better and more glamorous nail style than shiny glitter nails? I am personally a big fan of glitter nails since they are so chic and they bring you in the center of attention even if you wear a casual outfit.

What’s good about glitter is that you don’t need to be super precise and the whole procedure is easy. So, the clumsy girls will also have their  DIY moment! We prepared for you one easy tutorial and you will see how to make glittery nails really, really fast.

Glitter nails in a few steps

All you need to have is BYS glitter for nails. This nail kit includes a regular nail polish, glitter pot, a small brush that will help you clean loose glitters around your nails after application and a plastic holder for the glitter pot.

Before you start, it is wise to have a paper underneath to catch the excess glitters. The author of the tutorial suggests a few tricks: she recommends that you push the glitters on one side of the pot and make a small “mountain”. Dipping would be easier that way. If you are doing glitter style on your natural nails, you should apply a base coat first.

The next step is polishing your nails. The tip here is that you should leave the small gap around the edges and cuticle area due to the specific texture of the glitters. Apply two coats and make sure that the nail polish is really wet and then dip the nail into the glitter pot so it would pick up the glitters. Although the surface of the nail will seem dry, remember that the layer of the nail polish underneath is still wet. So, be careful when you use the brush to remove the excess glitters. Wait for the nails to dry and you are done!

This tutorial will also give you tips if you have long nails or big nail beds. Using simple tricks with a cosmetic spoon you can have your glitter nails even if you have long nails. Really simple and it looks just amazing!