I am addicted To You - GIRL OR WOMAN 1



Adriana Lima may be the face of Marc Jacobs’s new campaign, but his interpretation of sexy can vary.

Since the time Jacobs left Louis Vuitton two years ago, he has been concentrating on refining his own company. The 52 year old designer, having done his photo shoot with Adriana Lima, took some time out to discuss his recent endeavors.

I’ve been saying, “I’m not into it and I don’t want to know about it” for so long that one day I was just like, “You know what, maybe I will.” It was very random.

So you’re you don’t indulge in something just because it’s popular?

Yes, very much so. It’s like I get involved in something that I didn’t want to be a part of and then embrace and. And eventually I end up liking it.

Your definition of sexiness is not the one we usually use. And you aim to keep your brand from turning into a cliché.

My idea of sex appeal or sexiness, in general, is exercising one’s nature but it does not involve vulgarity of any kind. I still like using the word  girl  instead of  woman.

It’s pretty fascinating that you chose a face like Adriana for your campaign.

I wanted this Liz Taylor-esque sultriness that Adriana gives. How people perceive it, is totally up to them.

There’s much talk about the possibility of your IPO.

It is a process and an eventual goal I want to achieve. As a company, we’re constantly trying to improve ourselves and aiming to move it forward. But I have such a complicated idea about change. I like to change through fashion but at the same time, I resent it.

So how do you develop a brand that’s founded on an ideal of peculiarity?

This is the challenge. Our brand is not a cliché and I often get lost in thought because it isn’t that simple. It’s much easier to sell an ideal but to be able to encourage a person to embrace their differences that is a test. That’s what we’re about.

You gave an idea of womanhood way before its time and now it has really come of age. What do you have to say about that?

It has, but it’s still hard to put that into one person. It’s not one hair color, one age nor a single size or shape.

What are your feelings about the Fall 2015 success?

I was amazed but my very next thought was, €œOh my God, what on earth are we ever going to do next?”