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Ways to get something or someone out of your mind!

Posted on Ideas 29755

How many times you have caught yourself thinking about some kind of a situation and simple couldn’t get it out of your mind? Be it a negative event or be it how someone treats you. You know, like situations when someone hurts you, or your loved ones, or maybe talks behind your back. And then you think about it for days, over and over again. It seems like you will never get it out of your head.  Whatever you do it is constantly in your mind.

This is something many people deal with. Being resistant to such situations is really hard. And only few people have that phlegmatic touch in themselves.

For all the others we have some solutions that my come in hand. Things that could help you think less about the unpleasant situation or bad words spoken. These things are not only for something it happened but for everything that might frustrating you. Like things you do or do not have, what you could but didn’t achieve, etc.


So, how can you help yourself get out of your mind some  things


1- Deal with the problem

Don’t react fast and without thinking. Anger is number one problem and most people get upset very fast. When something happens, think about that and find peace of mind in yourself. Maybe it is not the other part responsible for what happened. Try to think it over, and relax. When relaxing trough walking, meditation or exercise, just let it go. Anger is not a solution.



2- Don’t try to understand everyone and everything around you

We all are different and have different state of mind. So, don’t try to figure people out all the time. Accept some things and look for a compromise.


3- Forgive and forget

Some people will never change, so try to understand that and when something happens, forgive and forget.


4- Don’t stop dreaming but accept the facts

If there is something you cannot achieve or cannot have. Accept that or fight harder to make it happen. It is never too late. And if never happens, just be thankful for the things you have.