3 Ways To Get Your Eyebrows Wedding-Ready

Dear brides, to get your eyebrows in shape for the big day, there are a few simple steps you need to follow. However, you need to start now.

We say: beware of the eyebrows – for they can make or break the whole look. Eyebrows can really make a big difference in your overall look, for they frame your face and balance your facial features. Another important reason why you need to get them  perfectly shaped is that the right look of your brows enhances the natural look of your eyes. It makes your eyes look bigger and at the same time accentuates the makeup.

To get your eyebrows wedding-ready, it’s best to start about 5 months before the wedding. Yes, yes, we know how that sounds, but remember – patience is the key, and, believe us when we say that all the time and effort will seem like a small price when you see the result.

Get your eyebrows in shape for the big day with these 3 steps


1.  Let your eyebrows grow, and no matter what, don’t pluck them. Yes, even when they start looking wild and untidy. Just leave them alone and wait until you get your eyebrows as grown-out as possible.




2. To speed up the whole growing process, you might want to try some of the eyebrow growth products. For example, Eyebrow Lipocils Gel by Talika or Brow Renovation Serum by Joey Healy. Both these products are claimed to stimulate the growth and get them  fuller and more even in less than a month.




3. Once they  are full, thick and hairy, book yourself a professional treatment in a beauty salon. We repeat, don’t touch them, let the professionals handle it. Make sure that it’s a good salon (by making a basic research on their reputation) and enjoy the results of your hard efforts – a perfect pair of eyebrows that makes your face even lovelier.