German Shepherd

German Shepherd Mom playing with Puppies! Amazing Breed!

Learn why the German Shepherd is one of the best dogs you can have as a pet.

When you see a German Shepherd, the first thing that probably sparks in your mind is €œpolice dog €. That’s because these dogs are amazingly smart and they can be trained pretty much for anything. But did you know German Shepherds are also one of the best dogs to keep as pets?

German Shepherds love and respect their owners and are also overprotective, which can sometimes make them seem standoffish or aggressive with strangers. But as long as they are socialized, this shouldn’t be a problem. Who doesn’t want a pet that can be loving and protective at the same time?

German Shepherds were ranked as the third smartest dog breed by Dr. Stanley Coren at the University of British Columbia. Their intelligence allows them to be well trained by humans, which is one of the reasons why they make great rescue dogs. Another reason to consider this breed as the perfect pet for your family! They are extremely good with children and very good with other pets. They are very playful and also love swimming, so if you’re an active person, or enjoy swimming, you would definitely have a blast with this breed!

Fun Facts:

The German Shepherd’s popularity in the US increased during WWI when American soldiers saw what this dog was capable of. It became known as the €œwar dog € because it aided soldiers at war and served as a guide for the blinded war veterans. In 1929 this breed was recognized as the first guide dog for the blind.

German Shepherds are the second most popular breed in the Unites States, but are also popular worldwide in 78 different countries. They are popular as family, guard, performance, show, police, military, and service dogs. There’s not a lot this dog can’t do!

Many people think that the German Shepherd only comes in the common black & tan color, but there are actually eleven recognized colors for this breed: black & tan, black, white, bi-color, black & cream, black & red, black & silver, blue, gray, liver and sable.

German Shepherds are great mothers, which is mainly due to how protective they are over things they care about. On average, they have around 8 puppies and this breed enjoys a great life span of 10-13 years. If you’re looking for a great dog to keep as a pet, you will absolutely love the German Shepherd!