Gerard Adams

Gerard Adams – The Millenial Mentor Who Will Change Your View Of Life

It’s time for you to meet Gerard Adams, a young self-made millionaire who doesn’t believe in waiting, but making!

Gerard Adams began following the stock market and making his first investments at the very young age of 15. In the years to follow he has learned to identify the frequently overlooked potential in newly established companies and how to predict their development trends. By the age of 25, this inspiring young man had become a millionaire. And today 31 years old Gerard Adams carries a variety of flattering titles: successful (millennial) entrepreneur, thought leader, angel investor and co-founder of Elite Daily.

Despite discovering wealth at the very young age, sensitive age for many, this refreshing young mind didn’t give into thoughtless spending and hedonism (which many of us probably would). Instead, he decided to continue his role as an influencer and investor and share his expertise setting his life mission on mentoring and animating other young entrepreneurs.

His formula for success is rather simple and he finds pleasure in sharing it with people and supporting their personal development. Instead of embracing a passive, pessimistic attitude, and seeing success as a concept reserved only for very lucky people, from wealthy, stable backgrounds, Gerard Adams encourages young people to create their own path to success.

Gerard Adams – the voice of generation Y

Gerard Adams

The newly founded YouTube series named The Leaders Create Leaders, created and hosted by Mr. Adams, also referred to as a voice of generation Y, is dedicated to demonstrating what it means to be a millennial entrepreneur. The first season of the series features 16 specific themed episodes revealing the first-hand secrets for building your own empire and climbing to success.

What to say? Good job, young man. We can only hope that your valuable expertise, experience and   advice will help many young individuals in making their dreams come true and taking the best out of life, while not forgetting to look after their community.