I am addicted to you - GEMOLOGUEBY LIZA URLA 15


The arrangement of interviews with ladies and men who have identities, story to tell and their own particular GEM style. They get it going for themselves everywhere throughout the world and take after GEMOLOGUE by Liza Urla.




Bettina Santa Domingo is your perfect closest companion in NYC. She is the young lady you need to hang out with and play around with: youthful, tomboyish, sweet and strong. An outspoken free-thinker, Bettina stays consistent with her heart and her style, paying little respect to the restrictive access she has to the exciting wold of fashion and celebrity. Continually gliding the world over, she calls numerous urban areas her home.









Bettina Santo Domingo is one of the appearances at the helm of Mora Operandi, an extravagance fashion e-tailer headquartered in Manhattan that permits you to pre-request looks straight from the runway months before they hit stores. She is likewise a narrative producer. Bettina is one of those able young lady embodying that on the off chance that you need to accomplish something and buckle down for it, it will happen.