Galia Lahav

A Perfect Bride of Galia Lahav amazing designs

Who is a perfect bride of Galia Lahav amazing designs? She is a woman of style, class and elegance! Everything about her is pure sophistication and glamour. She knows what she wants and she settles for a nothing less than the best!

And Galia Lahav is certainly the best in the field of wedding dresses artistry! This amazing creator lures you to the world of highest elegance and premium fashion styles. The secret of this famous designer lies in the attention to details: everything must be perfectly tailored, from the gorgeous hand sewn lace appliques to the every intricate beaded detail.
Her amazing wedding dresses are not designed to be modest! They are created to be the exquisite  work of art, fairytale creations for brides that want the absolute perfection! Galia Lahav devoted all of her immense energy to creating flawless inspirations that will suit the most demanding brides!

Galia Lahav – the name for impeccable  perfection

In her incredible collections, she creates the illusions of fairytales, a distant world of eternal love and inspiration that is beyond our imagination. Carefully making every dress fits the bride’s physique, she creates the perfect scenery where every bride feels special and almost like a princess.

In her Ivory Tower collection, the artistic photography and medieval details lead us to the fairy tale and an enchanted princess waiting for her knight in shining armor! In “Les Reves Bohemians“, Galia Lahav takes us to the world of our childhoods and dreams where the true love conquers all! It is a combination of classic and romantic forms and something totally new for the eye.

Italy is a place of love, we all know the famous Romeo and Juliette story that was the  true homage to love, for centuries! Galia Lahav’s La  Dolce Vita is inspired by this beautiful country and the sea, sand and the mountains of Positano. It is a delightful collection that depicts the old time romance.

Her amazing creations are reserved for brides that want a dream wedding dress, immaculately tailored and absolutely perfect! A perfect bride that simply wants the best!