funny vicious circles

Funny vicious circles that we all sometimes get stuck in

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Life is amazing, unpredictable, sometimes just a routine… And we all have these funny vicious circles that we sometimes get stuck in! You know that famous sentence “I am going on a diet on Monday“. Somehow, that Monday never comes! Instead of Monday and a diet, we find ourselves with a bowl of cookies in front of the TV, winning about our weight while enjoying that sweet, crispy taste…hmm, yummy!

We recently found   interesting illustrations about our habits, and I couldn’t help it but share them with you. I laughed myself to tears because  the situations are all so familiar.

Funny vicious circles we all know so well

I am sure every girl remembers those crazy nights with a few drinks more. It all starts like fun, you feel wonderful, you laugh, you are all in that positive mood, only to find out later, it wasn’t just a couple of drinks, maybe it was more… Yeah, mornings are never fun! And you give yourself a promise “I will never drink again”! Well, that’s kinda truth, until the next night out in town. Vicious circle, we told ya!

funny vicious circles


And the next illustrations is my favorite one! Oooh, I can relate to that! It happens to me all the time. Every one of us has a favorite series, especially nowadays when you can watch everything online! Laptop and bed, or chair -perfect! And you plan only one episode! No more! One, two, three…you just cannot stop watching! Until you realize, it is way too late, and you have to go to work tomorrow… It is my vicious circle, I can’t help it, guys!

Funny vicious circles


We girls know our problems with hair! When we want  a change in life we always begin with our hair. That’s where usually every change ends, as well! And we got stuck  up with that awkward hairstyle! Well, vicious circle!

funny vicious circles

Of course, there is a vicious dieting circle! When we finally have that figure we wanted, well, the dream about chocolate never quite ends! The vicious circle of sweets and diet, sweets and diet!

funny vicious circles

When it comes what to wear for work or a night out, girls are wizards of indecisiveness. No matter how many dresses we have in our wardrobe, pants, coats, you name it, somehow we don’t have anything to wear! Sounds familiar?

funny vicious circles

We hope we made you smile with these illustrations! At least, you got the chance to laugh at all these funny vicious circles that we all have!