funny bags

Funny bags for the perfect Spring 2016 fashion trend

I think that there is a small world in every girl’s bag! I really mean that! And wait to see these funny bags that we found! Women’s bags have always been a little bit of a mystery, don’t you think?

It’s almost like we are carrying another house in them when we leave to work or downtown. I swear I was gonna ask one of my friends whether a real elephant is going to get out of her bag one day because that girl had everything in it! If you ask her about the lipstick, of course! First aid kit, no problem! You name it, if you have a headache, she will have something there!

Not to mention a book so she can read it in a bus, facial cremes, moisturizer… literally anything! So, it made me think: when enough is enough when it comes to what we have in our bags? I noticed that the bigger the bag, suddenly we need to have more things in it. Until that bag has way too many pounds!

Funny bags for girls that think out of the box

Sometimes, the girls just want to make a fashion statement, we get it! And what’s the better way than to have something that nobody else has or something that is unique or rare! You’ll see in our gallery some really imaginative designs that just lure people to look!

A bag in the shape of an old telephone? Or even an older item – a carriage? For classy ladies, baroque  knuckle duster clutch will be perfect! For those girls who love birds, birdcage bags will be really chic due to their highly elegant design.

If you want to stop the time, there is a “clock” bag and for the true nature fans, the bag in the shape of a fruit will be a great choice! Take a look at these fabulous bags, you will love them!