funky rainbow bangs

Funky Rainbow Bangs – The Newest Trend For The Bravest

Looking for an easy, quick, and yet drastic change? We present you these funky rainbow bangs! If you’re one of those restless souls who get quickly bored and are always on a hunt for some blow-your-mind innovations, these funky rainbow bangs are just your thing. Very simple to make, these unconventional bangs will make you stand out wherever you may find yourself.

Instagram just got crazy over Amber Le Bon‘s new hairstyle. The British model proudly showcased her colorful bangs in an Instagram selfie and girls all around the world just lost their minds. The trend spread all over the social networks and fashion sites like a fire and became a new must-have of the season.

Funky rainbow bangs – dare to experiment

If you have been wondering what would a very colorful hair look like on you, but never really dared to commit yourself in such a big way, now it’s the right time for the experiment. By trying it out on a little portion of your hair, you’ll be opening a tiny, yet bold gateway for your creativity and uniqueness to shine through.

These eye-catching funky rainbow bangs, therefore, do require some courage. However, if you’re naturally not bothered by being in the center of attention or having all eyes on you while walking down the street, there’s nothing to wait for. Start choosing your colors!


The trend of funky rainbow bangs was originally inspired by the glowing, vibrant colors very much alike to those seen in the images of galaxies. However, some girls opt for a simpler version, combining only two tones or using just one color. Depending on the effect you’re aiming for or what suits your tan and natural (or dominant) hair tone best, choose the palette of colors that will help you express your personality, and most importantly, make you feel good about yourself.