I am addicted to you - Fun Halloween costumes for pregnant women 2

Fun Halloween costumes for pregnant women


Internet is a vast space filled with content, so it comes as no surprise that there is a whole world of maternity costumes somewhere in there. As things usually are on the internet, some of them are incredibly smart and funny, while others belong in bizzaro world. Unfortunately most of the costumes are marked with mediocre execution and low-resolution photography.

That is where we come in and present you several creative ideas for Halloween costumes adapted to pregnant women you can do yourself. All of them are easy to make and are bound to be a hit among your loved ones.


Mummy costumes are a must for every Halloween. It is incredibly easy to adapt a classic mummy costume for mommies! All you need are some white leggings and a white shirt, one white wig, gaze and some lace. Roll the gauze and lace around your body until you look dead enough, and then add some girlish flair by tying a piece of lace around your wig to create a fancy head band!


Mixing holidays is always fun! You can do just that with this Christmas tree Halloween costume. You will need a fitted green dress, brown pants and matching brown shoes along with some paper garlands, a headband, glittery gold foam paper and hot glue.   Put on your clothes and apply paper garland as you would on a Christmas tree. You can either use hot glue or pins to secure the garland to your dress. Then cut put a star from gold foam paper and glue it to your headband.


With these two costumes, you are guaranteed to be a star of the party, and they are not at all hard to make. Pregnancy requires rest, and you should not spend countless hours creating a complicated costume.