Gwen Stefani

FIve things you probably did not know about Gwen Stefani

Hearing have some time to talk to Gwen Stefani, I became a bit nervous . It is, after all, a rock star with an incredible style. What should I ask ? And, more importantly, what should I wear ? I thought I was trying to impress a popular girl in school , hoping that she loves me . After meeting with her, I learned that not only cool , but it’s still the true California girl . Even after all his success the design , music and television, she surrenders to the idea of €‹ €‹creating her own collection of Urban Decay makeup .

She hates the color purple

Well, it used to ! ” One of the colors purple always hated all his life ,” Gwen said. Urban Decay signature color is purple , which can be inconvenient . “It was weird because I was like,” Wow , ( Wende Zomnir , co -founder of Urban Decay) really likes purple, and I really like it, but how I feel about it ? ”

She has a favorite filter

Maybe it was not his favorite, but after the interview , and for some selfies fell , she grabbed her cell , chose the “snapshot ” iPhone filter and started taking pictures . The rock star knows how to work the corners !


If I were not an artist , it would be a makeup artist .

And his first job was doing makeup in a mall! ” They just put you there, no training ,” Gwen said. ” That was my dream . If it is not what I am now, I’d be a makeup artist. ”


She does not know how to perfect smoky eye

Gwen tends to remain in compliance with its composition, and as we went through all shades of the palette, explained that she uses more tones . Two outputs for markers are blond and bathrooms ; The stability of its foundation. Children , of Anaheim, and the area is also one of their favorites.

“When I get up, I’m not that adventurous ,” Gwen said. “I have one thing to do and what I always did . I wanted something that was super reflects what I wear every day. ”


Its first product Urban Decay is a classic.

When asked about his first memory of the use of Urban Decay , Gwen told us that it is a cult ! Gash – cold dark shade lipstick red – the first product was introduced to the brand. It’s a little darker than the color red, which is now, but it seems appropriate that Gwen gravitate to such a sensual tone