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Four things for the wedding

The whole old/new/borrowed/blue thing was always something I thought was very nice but I haven’t really thought to put in my wedding.I have many superstitions but this is not of those.But at the end it seemed I had all four.LOOK.

At my bridal shower, Mama Hammerhead gave me something incredibly valuable: the stones from three of her grandmothers’ and great-grandmothers’ engagement rings, to be made into a necklace for me. It was breath stopping. I may or may not have cried, and I am most definitely *not* a crier. Afterward, she took it to our local jeweler, and he made this. I am so moved and touched to get to wear those pieces of our family history down the aisle €”a little €œsomething old € from those who went before me.



My dress and veil seem like obvious choices here, as they’re both new to me. But since they’re both samples, I guess they’re not teeeechnically €œsomething new. € So,then, I’m going with my perfume on this one.

I’m not a real fan of a huge perfume-wearer in real life, but I tried this on a whim when I was going through Sephora about a year ago, and I knew I have to to have it. It’s light and fresh, not too overpowering, and features two of Mr. Hammerhead’s favorite things: brown sugar and lemon. The wedding was my perfect reason to try something fancy(ish), so I bought a bottle and have been saving it ever since. Is it weird that this is one of the things I’m most excited for in my whole €œlook €?

Growing up, whenever we went for a visit’, my grandpa would say grace before every dish. And he would always end the list of things he thanked God for with, €œespecially the blessing of this wonderful family. €

My grandpa died almost four years ago, and I knew I’d need a part of him with me when I was going down the aisle. So, I contacted Daria & Noor, a very talented jewelry maker on Etsy, to ask if he could make a bracelet with those words I €œborrowed € from my grandpa. A week or two later, this delicate, lovely cuff arrived in the mail, engraved with those words in my choice of font. And I love it.



You guys already know about this one €”my shoes.