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Four Beautifully Creepy Horror Movie Homes

The phone is ringing . The voice on the other end asks disturbing, “What is your favorite horror movie? ” A fan of horror would be normal : first, roll their eyes at the kitsch re-creation of the famous line Cry , and the second , the list probably some classic titles based on the plot , cinematography , or pure terror factor. But for lovers of design there, the list would probably be very different. Blood and gore could hold no appeal , but the blood and gore in the beautiful houses? Yes I do. One area grandiose neo-Gothic trying to kill its inhabitants? It is like a tour -métrage home! To single race spectator film , we went around 17 horror movies with sets vividly , you might wish you could go right to blood , guts , ghosts and all.


The Omen (1976)

This movie is all about the demonic child, aptly named Damien , terrorizing his family. But he happens to do it in a glorious mansion filled with beautiful architectural details like – balusters adorned with the famous scene from the balustrade. Just remove the child from the image and the house becomes quite livable.



The Awakening (2011)

Located in England around 1921 , a young expert in supernatural hoaxes accepts a case exploring the unexpected death of a student at the boys boarding school. And the school is all about what you expect : a large mansion in the middle stone paneling, dramatic spiral staircases, walls covered frieze , and for the detail -obsessed : really striking octagonal handles.


The Haunting (1963)

This is a horror film that ‘s really all about the house : a neo- Gothic mansion , to be exact , that group visits to explore the alleged paranormal activity . Although the wallpaper turns into strange faces , the walls seem to speak , the spiral staircase in the conservatory is essentially a death trap, and the house itself is trying to kill the people , oh what a home it is beautiful .



The Addams Family (1991)

A house that includes a bottomless pit , swamps and quicksand would be unpleasant for most, but when the house in question is the Addams Family mansion , they become merely quaint quirks neglected in favor appreciate finest the house points, namely the floor- to-ceiling bookshelves in the study, the chimneys of two floors, decorated with dark wood everywhere, and the ideal basement lagoon for romantic gondola rides .