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Foundation Trick For Brown Girls


Nellam Gill is a young rising model whose biggest success to date is being the first Indian model to ever walk down the prestigious runways of the world for the famous Burberry brand. After her stunning performance, she was featured in Kanye West’s first Adidas fashion show. Her most detachable features are most definitely her lovely eyebrows and smooth, clean skin. They are so appealing that Blink Brow Bar even named her their first United Kingdom ambassador this summer.


Nellam says that, like many of us, she also sometimes struggles to find a right shade of foundation. Difference in skin tone on various parts of her face is particularly tricky, says her. She is darker on her nose and forehead, so a different color has to go there. Her favorite brands for daily use are Bobbi Brow



n and Burberry, while she chooses Armani Luminous Silk Foundation for when she desires a bit more coverage.

The up and coming model says that threading the eyebrows is a much more efficient way than waxing them, and although it can be painful at first you eventually get used to it. Good eyebrows, according to Nellam, are worth it since they will provide you with confidence. Her favorite eyebrow related cosmetic product is, unsurprisingly, Blink Brow Gel.



Apart from eyebrows, skin is what sets this model from the others. Models definitely need a strong skincare regime, since they travel a lot and do incredibly long hours. Before she started to model professionally, Nellam used traditional makeup removing wipes – but had to make a change soon. Ever since she is a model she uses Dermalogica line and Crème de la Mer skin products to preserve and keep her skin fresh and smooth. €œGood skin makes you glow € says the model, and we can only agree.