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Have you found your perfect summer dress for all occasions?

Summer is a time for most to break free from routine days at work or in college. Time for new adventures, new places, and to break your personal boundaries in an attempt to make this year’s memory more colorful than the last. This mission seriously calls for a multitask perfect summer dress. One that you can wear to the airport, feel comfortable in the always uncomfortable plane seat. And then wear the same summer dress to the pool party of the week or the museum, depending on your personal preference of course. A summer dress of this demand must be able to breathe, yet elegant for most occasions such as for salsa on the beach or for a romantic restaurant by the beach.Sofia Sanchez de Betak has come up with a dress that has all the chances to become the summer dress of all the summer dresses.


Find perfect summer dress for yourself


#1 An example of Sofia’s tunics
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Just like the last year’s winner, Ukrainian vyshyvanka, de Betak’s custom tunic has bucolic roots. Several summers prior, while being on a holiday in Mallorca,Spain,the Argentinian designer was fascinated by the local flea market and was mesmerized by the abstract paintings of the Spanish artist,  Letita Aragon coming up with the loose fitting robe that had different patterns splashed across it.


# 2  Long tunic in Sofia’s collection
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Long tunic with a beautiful print and casualty for ever day.


#3 Circle patter
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The designer at first thought that the summer dress she has come up with was too simple to become an all-round piece. However, she soon realized she was wrong. Sofia has found countless way to wear the summer dress-from one shoulder to tying a belt around the waist to make it suitable for an evening at the restaurant.  She has even launched a fundraising sale of 100 such tunics of various lengths and pattern on her website to help Letita pay her hospital bill for cancer treatment.


#4  This tunic dress is beautiful
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Combine it with everything and it will look amazing.


#5 “N” print
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Cool if your name starts with N, right?