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6 Foods that will trick your brain and help you eat less

Did you know that there are foods that can trick your brain and help you eat less? Yes, finally a perfect thing for all of us that struggle with those few extra pounds!

Every girl knows how diet can be a tough thing! All those days feeling hungry and eating food that even makes you more hungry! But, not anymore. We bring you different types of food that can help you fight your battle with weight!

Foods that will help you eat less – little tricks for great magic


1. Apple

Rich in fiber and water, apples will give you a sense that your stomach is half full. So, eating an apple before your lunch will trick your brain so you’ll eat less. Many vitamins and minerals are another great benefits of this fruit.

2. Soup

Some research studies claim that people who had a bowl of a low-calorie,broth-based soup had a 20 percent less calorie intake during a lunch. The best thing about soups is that they take up a lot of volume in your stomach but have very few calories, so they are the perfect trick for eating less!

3. Pickles

Some studies have shown that fermented foods help the brain to figure out that it had enough. They contain short-chain fatty acids that help in improving appetite signaling and they are rich in probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that helps digestion and some studies suggest that they might actually reduce the appetite.

4. Nuts

Nuts are a great choice for controlling your appetite since they are rich in unsaturated fat, protein, and fiber. A study published in a British Journal of Nutrition suggests that adding peanuts or peanut butter to your breakfast can make you feel full for up to 12 hours after you had your breakfast.

5. Pumpkin

Yes, pumpkin! One cup of pumpkin provides seven grams of fiber, enough to make you feel full.

6. Dark chocolate

This is a good news for all of us craving for sweets! Nibbling a little bit of dark chocolate can make us eat fifteen percent less at our next meal. And it is super delicious. Great choice for girls on a diet!