I am addicted to you - Flower Window Boxes 9

Flower Window Boxes Bloom from Nantucket to New Mexico

August discovers Flower window box full sprout and exploding with shading. Regardless of how they are planted €”with trailing vines, strong annuals, or clip prepared herbs €”or where they are €”connected to a formal Fifth Avenue pied-à-terre, climate matured shingled cape, or stone cabin €”a  Window Box  happily weds nature to architecture.


Flower boxes and window box planters are great for gardening in small spaces! Mount them below your windows and hang them from your deck rails to beautify your home.


Enjoy the rot-proof elegance of composite PVC, the old-world grace of wrought iron, the dramatic patina of copper, the lightweight durability of vinyl and fiberglass, and the earthy beauty of cedar and redwood.


Dress up your window with these flower boxes and window box planters.