Floating forest

Floating forest – amazing installment soon in Roterdam!

Have you ever heard of floating forest? We haven’t either!

But that’s exactly what is going to be installed in Rotterdam in March 2016. The whole concept was based on the idea of an artist Jorge Bakker and his art piece  “In search of Habitus”.

This young artist was born in Columbia but moved to Amsterdam where he lives today. He studied architectural design and got his Masters degree from prestigious Dutch universities. The special thing about this young man is that he always tried to test the boundaries between the architecture and art and he is particularly famous for his sculptures.

Bobbing Forest art project – Floating Forest in Amsterdam

This innovative and bold concept was based on the idea of making one of the urban areas of Amsterdam greener and it was meant to be installed twenty floating trees. The official launch of the first prototype was in March 2014. It all started two years before that when Jorge Bakker, the artist met   Jeroen Everaert that was director of Mothership, a firm that was art producer and acted as a liaison between the artists and the clients. Along with them, Anne van der Zwaag, art historian and cultural entrepreneur and Jurgen Bey, Durch designer also participated in the project.

The Bobbing Forest project was one of a kind: a unique combination where art, business, education and government were connected to bring the first floating forest.

And the project itself was really demanding and challenging. Many engineers, students, artists were testing and examining what tree should be used, how the sea buoy would be able to keep the tree balanced and whether it was able to hold the weight of the tree. The international steel construction company stepped in and remodeled the sea buoy so it can be a proper construction of floating tree in respect of the laws of physics. They constructed it in such a way that it was capable of withstanding the forces of the tree, the forces of water and the weather conditions.

They were also researching what tree could root and grow in the buoy and it was a dutch Elm. Another challenge that they had to face was the issue of watering the tree. Finally, they succesfully found the solutions to every issue concerning this magnificent idea and the project could be fully developed.

The company Mothership has a leading role in the production of floating forest. Take a look at this amazing project! We anxiously wait for this project to be launched in the beautiful city of Rotterdam!