floating apartments

The most exclusive floating apartments in Dubai

Have you ever imagine the most luxurious apartments with rooms under the water? That exactly was the idea of Kleindienst Group, a Dubai developer who started the project of floating apartments.

They presented the project called “Floating Seahorse” at the Dubai International Boat Show in March 2015. The plan of the investors was to build 42 structures and to finish the project by the end of this year, 2016. The planned floating structures are essentially boats but without propulsion and these properties will be the part of the “World” – the project of a large artificial island in Dubai.

The very name of the project “Floating Seahorse” is connected to protecting sea life in the Persian Gulf. According to the Kleindienst Group press release, the investors said: “We will create an artificial coral reef beneath the luxury retreats which will be a protected area in which seahorses can safely live and breed.”

Floating apartments will amaze you with their beauty and design

They designed the magnificent apartments. Each villa will be with three levels and two are meant to be above the water with 1700 sq ft of floor area.

Two levels of these luxurious apartments will be above the water: upper deck and a main floor at the sea level. Imagine that you wake up on your own house-island, having coffee and watching the water or taking a swim in the morning? It’s like a dream came true! Amazing!

Those incredible floating apartments will be also exciting in the night! Cocktail party with your friends on the upper deck or just a romantic dinner on the main floor, candles and wine! Ooh, that would be heaven on Earth!

The upper deck is designed to have a shower, semi-private kitchenette, mini bar, jacuzzi and an astonishing glass floor. Everything imagined for a wonderful time in the top-notch luxury!

The main floor is designed with a lot of space and a fully-equipped dinning and kitchen area. A place where you can fully relax and enjoy the sun and the sea.

The master bedroom and bathroom are located on the level under the water. Magnificent design and an incredible space will give the owners of the apartment unforgettable experience.

The bathroom is an amazing homage to magnificent style and high luxury. Private moments with wonderful views to sea world will give anyone incredible time.


You have to admit, these floating apartments are amazing! Lucky owners and there are already 35 that bought these apartments, will have a time of their lives there!