Bicarbonate in a wooden spoon

Five unique uses of baking soda to the skin and overall health

Sodium bicarbonate is the only ingredient that offers beauty benefits from head to toe . Yes! You heard right . It’s not just something you put in your power to make it fluffy , but an essential product also beautify your body .

Beauty uses for baking soda

There are several uses for beauty baking soda , you should know. We mentioned then someone effectively . Keep reading

1. Skin Lightening
Who does not dream of a fairer complexion ? Well, now you do not have to buy those expensive creams on the market that not only burn a hole in your pocket, but negatively affects your skin. Sodium bicarbonate is used for the skin are numerous and clear skin is one of them . You can have a lighter shade of your skin by using a paste of baking soda . You should make a fine paste with baking soda , olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice . Apply this paste on your face for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Your skin is clear and radiant than ever.


2. For Sunburn Remedies
Sunburn skin is not dry , but also affects the skin from the inside giving a burning sensation and itching. In this case, baking soda can give the much needed relief . What you can do is add a little sodium water bath in a tub bicarbonate. Now soak for half an hour to feel better.


3. For Exfoliation
Your skin needs exfoliation of dead cells regularly shed your skin Those haunting . Exfoliation Helps to keep skin healthy and keep away from acne. Easily Baking soda can be used as a scrub to clear your skin . To use baking soda to scrub the face You have to make a mixture of baking soda to clean water .


4. For Shining Teeth
A confident smile always talk to you and the confidence will come when you have bright white teeth like pearls . Even expensive toothpaste can not help you get the natural and pure brilliance , but baking soda can give you that advantage. All you have to do is make a paste of baking , hydrogen peroxide soda and water.


5. For Makeup Removal
One can instantly brighten up your look and make you look stunning. However, if not removed regret that it threatens the quality of your skin . Therefore cleaning is equally essential that the art of makeup . Baking soda is another excellent choice to clean the face and pores thus uncover . Just to make a paste with an equal amount of water and baking soda .