I am addicted to you - FIVE HAIR OIL YOU SHOULD BE USING 1



Hair oils are a favorite of beauty experts everywhere since they are full of essential fatty acids and  they’re lubricating which makes them great for healing splint end, sealing in moisture and detangling.However it has become hard to know the best hair oils due to the many oils hitting market every day.Different methods to incorporate oil treatment in your beauty regime exist. You can use products that  contain different oils or you can apply each of these oils to wet and dry hair while styling or use as a  deep conditioning treatment. Deep conditioning starts in the shower after you shampoo your hair.Wring out as much water as you can and then work some oil through your hair .leave it for about an  hour and then rinse, dry and style as normal. Do this once a week for healthy, shiny salon worthy hair.


According to experts, avocado oil is best for thin hair. This is because of its lightness which promotes ell  growth, shine and don’t weigh down strands. The more light weight it is, the safer it is to use on thin  hair. Avocado oil absorb into your hair quickly leaving it limp or greasy.

Bagasse oil is considered best for thick curly hair. This type of oil is extracted from the seeds of bagasse  palm plant. According to experts, when working with thicker, fuller hair, you are going to want to look  for mare heavy duty oil to define your hair or curls. Bagasse oil serves this purpose well and also prevent  frizz. Bagasse oil is not greasy or irritating to your skin. Shea and coconut oil however may serve as an  alternative to bagasse oil.


Maura oil is considered best for color treated hair. Water for those with dyed hair is a natural enemy but  they can use anything that is naturally derived. Maura oil comes from the trees of Maura oil. The oil is  lean but not too syrupy and make up very close to natural oil that our body produces. It is rich in vitamin  and e and is fast absorbing.


For a dry or oily scalp, tea tree oil is preferred. Tea tree oil has anti fungal and antibacterial properties  making it good not just for getting rid of excess oil but also getting rid of dead skin cells that can cause  dandruff. It also unclogs hair follicle and promotes hair growth.

Argon oil is considered best for dry hair. This is because it revitalizes your hair and corrects splits ends  thus reverting the effects caused by cool weather.