An   glow without mistake shines from the Brazilian model Caroline Trentini, whom we noticeted backstage today at Michael Kors Collection. Sure, you might say it is beacuse of the e desert-inspired bronzer put on her cheeks by makeup artist Dick Page, or her corn-silk highlights who belong to the colorist Christopher-John, or the five days she and her husband recently spent on the secluded island of Fernando de Noronha. But that inside-and-out beauty speaks to a bigger way   she’s set for herself. €œI was never the crazy, partying, smoking kind of girl, € she said, pointing out to the   the bottle of Juice Press in her hand. €œI’m glad it’s a trend, where people are getting healthy and working out and Snapchatting about it. €


As a mother of a 2-year-old son ( €œLook! He’s so cute, € she said, flashing a photo of a cherubic redhead on her iPhone), she thinks   a lot of thought into what she makes at home €”though she isn’t above the usual ingredients. €œI’m from the south of Brazil, so I eat meat. Once a week I like a good steak! €


It’s fuel for the fire: After a time where she started with the exercises like speed dating €” €œa little this, a little Pilates, a little that € €”she has since become a fitness monogamist. €œI try to work out three times a week with my trainer in Brazil, and we do a functional fight. It’s a mix between kickboxing and boxing €”things that work for your body, € she explained of the hard-working, one-on-one sparring sessions. €œAfter I had the baby, I fell in love with the workout. I don’t use weights; I don’t run. Just that. € There’s a usual common sense in her   smart thoughts; after all, the best workout is the one that keeps your interest, that you actually want to practice. And as evidenced by her Kors look today €”a floor-sweeping black shirtdress with peekaboo lace panels presenting her sculpted collarbones and thighs €”the hard work is really worth it.