First Naked Restaurant

London’s First Naked Restaurant Has A Very Long Waiting List

So, Bunyadi is the name of the London’s first naked restaurant opening this June, and it already has 30.000 people on its waiting list! And we can totally see why.

It seems that Londoners won’t have to deal with any more anxiety when it comes to their blind dates. By simply scheduling their first Tinder dates at the Bunyadi, they will be able to see exactly what their potential bae looks like, without having to endure endless meetings before things finally go further.

Also, no more worrying about what to wear on your date! Don’t know what to wear? Simply go naked! Isn’t it a dream come true?!

First Naked


Would you dare to take a seat in London’s first naked restaurant?

Now, all jokes aside, the London’s first naked restaurant really does offer an unconventional, clothing-optional dining experience. Not only that the opening time is very convenient (who wants to wear clothes in June, anyway), but it will also be located in the central London.

First Naked


Created by the Lollipop pop-up company, the Bunyadi restaurant opening next month will be divided into two sections: the clothed (”Non Naked”) and unclothed part (”Naked and Pure”). Even the staff will be in the nude, with the certain parts of their body covered up.

The whole naked & natural theme will also be extended to the menu – with all the vegan and non-vegan meals made with totally natural ingredients and meal preparation methods, and served along with the edible cutlery on handmade clay plates.

The bare & naked concept doesn’t exclude the decor either – it will be stripped back, with earthy wooden furniture and wicker and bamboo partitions. The whole space, which can cater up to 46 diners at once, will be illuminated exclusively by candles.

The ticket prices will range from £55-65 per person, including food and beverages on the tasting menu. The restaurant visitors will also have access to the changing rooms where they will be able to leave their modern lives behind for short, together with their clothes. Taking photographs will be strictly forbidden, for the obvious reasons.

First Naked


It’s not too surprising that the whole idea of the London’s first naked restaurant is already wildly and widely popular. The founder of the company, Seb Lyall describes the concept as a possibility to experience true liberation, offering people the chance to experience and enjoy a night out that is not ‘contaminated’ by any kind of impurity. This means no gas, no electricity, no artificial colors, no chemicals, no phones, and if you wish so – no clothes either.

First Naked


Experience the ‘back to nature’ outing in the first naked restaurant in London

Many are excitedly waiting for June, so they can revisit the times when everything was free, fresh and unadulterated by the endless interventions of modern life. This restaurant is really one-of-a-kind idea. We believe that people will value this place and enjoy their time with the people who are the same when it comes to tastes.

If you’re, on the other side, totally content with the joys and perks of modern life and the only reason you actually want to visit this unusual place is to see your crush naked, you’re welcome too. However, you will probably too enjoy to see such a place. It is an experience which will take you back into the past in a whole new level. Who knows, maybe after all you will like this more than modern life and all it brings. Sometimes we just have to give a chance to something innovative (and old in the same time) and different.

After all, if we think well, why we would not go back into the past, not only with places to eat but in many other things. Today’s world and all it brought to us only makes us live in a rush and we don’t even have time for family, not to mention anything else. It is all about work, duties, obligations and everything involves technology. Imagine just for one day, spending time in nature without mobile phone, laptop, headphones, tablets, etc. Just nature, you, family and friends. Perfect place and time to just talk and have fun. It sounds great, right? If you think it through, you do miss those moments, right? Well, why you don’t afford yourself such moments again? And this naked restaurant can be a great place to start.