First date conversation

4 first date conversation topics that you should avoid

First dates are tough, we all know that! So much nervousness, what to wear, what to say… Thousands of thoughts! But have you ever thought about the topics to avoid when it comes to the first date conversation? The first impression is very important, that is something that stays in people’s heads long, long after they met. That’s why is so important to think about some basic rules how to make a good first impression on your first date with someone new.

You don’t want to be too casual and you certainly don’t want to be too uptight, you are not on an interview! Something in the middle, a delicate balance  is the way to go! But how to accomplish that and get that cute boy to ask you for a second date?

First date conversation rules – or how not to mess everything up

Here are some topics that you should never, ever bring up! Remember, nothing of this is allowed. So, let’s begin:

1. Conversations about your ex

That’s a big…no, huge no, no! Talking about your ex is something that you should definitely avoid. We all have past, but let’s not bring it up with the new person. There is a big chance that you all have bruises from the previous relationships, but you are there for the fresh start, right? You have to open for new love to come to your life and that never goes well with bringing the old one into the conversation.

At the end, it will make the other person wonder if you really got over this guy or not. Many guys might actually  run away, because who wants to be a second best or a crying shoulder! No one! So, girl, just don’t mention the ex. Ever!

2. Your flaws

Ok, we are all humans and we all have flaws, but the little magic of the first date is to give the best version of yourself! And we don’t think that you should pretend or anything like that, but you have to be yourself! Your best self! So, bringing up your flaws isn’t going to be the best way to leave the good impression. After all, you want to seduce the guy, not to make him flee.