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Find a perfect lace veil for your wedding


Weddings are important and no one needs to tell you that. Even the smallest detail on your outfit just has to be perfect for the occasion, and brides all over the world spend hours looking for only the best for their gowns. In India, for example, women love the vibrant head accessories that bring that crowning glory effect. There truly is a vast array of hair accessories meant for weddings too. Besides listing them, this article will provide with some tips on how to wear them.


More and more brides seek to reinvent an old timey glam look with their wedding attires. That includes lovely birdcage veils that seem like something out of those classy old movies. From makeup to the dress, all the way to these head accessories €“ dipping into the past for inspiration is always a good idea. As an additional benefit, you can wear birdcage veils at fancy cocktail parties and elegant soirees even after your fantastic wedding is over.


Your bridesmaids have to be taken in consideration as well. After all, their dresses have to combine with your own and with the overall theme of the wedding in order for the whole ordeal to look as glamorous as it should. Sheer, net, lace, satin, rayon, cotton and silk hair accessories for them are a must, and if you opt out for a nice long veil, bridesmaids should wear a smaller, subtler birdcage one.


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For inspiration on these vintage wedding accessories, there is no better place than old movies itself. So make sure to give them a watch. Popular styles were worn by Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and other fashion icons from the past that made an inerasable stamp on how we perceive fashion as a whole.