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Festival Style Guide


Organizing your garments for a music festival isn’t precisely rocket science. In any case, there is a fine line between looking cool and resembling a confused, insufficiently clad cowgirl. To assist you out, we asked stylist (and frequent Coachella-goer) Anita Patrickson for her guidelines for staying stylish (and comfortable) this festival season.

Guideline #1

Maintain your own sense of style.

Remember, this isn’t Halloween, which implies you shouldn’t approach it as though you were heading off to a costume party. “The most ideal approach to plan an outfit for a festival is to take your own style and merge it with something bohemian or rock and roll or something with a ’60s vibe,” says Patrickson. “It’s simply taking your regular style and pushing it to the next level.”

Guideline #2

Pick one statement piece.


You can’t turn out badly with a bohemian vibe or a rock and roll look at a festival. All things considered, really, you can. Going for a themed outfit can seem as though you’re trying too hard, yet pick one trendy piece and blend it with basics from your wardrobe and you’ll appear as though you’re just that cool. “It’s as simple as wearing a marvelous pair of Tomas Maier lace-up sandals with short shorts and a cool jacket,” says Patrickson. “You have the boho component with the sandals €”and that is it.”

Guideline #3

Buy something fringy.


“Fringe was all over the place on the runways, and I believe we’re going to see a lot of it this festival season,” says Patrickson, who prescribes discovering a marvelous jacket, sack, or pair of booties in leather or suede. “It’s a truly cool approach to add texture and edginess to your look,” she includes. “Simply be watchful of the cheap kimono fringe…that stuff can get all knotted and rank-looking before the night’s over.”

Guideline #4

Add an edge.

“A lot of looks at Coachella can be excessively airy-fairy,” says Patrickson. “So in case you’re going for the floaty boho vibe, balance it out with some composition or hardware.” What does that mean in nonstylist talk? Include a thick metal neckband or a couple of studded leather boots. suede bag with fringe, or top your maxidress with a leather vest €”any component that brings only a tad bit of renegade to your look.