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female underwear

Female Underwear Ultimate Guide for trendy woman

This ultimate guide to female underwear aims to decrease the world’s underwear confusion rate and help the million of puzzle-faced women walking lost through the underwear sections of the colorful store labyrinths.


Female underwear – what a woman needs to have in her drawer


  1. Boy Shorts

Even though we doubt that you want your underwear to get confused for your boyfriend’s, this type of panties is not only extremely comfortable but is as functional as a thong, for it lets you wear tight,  form-fitting  clothes without having to worry about the visible underwear lines. They are also a perfect choice to sleep in.

female underwear


  1. Briefs

Now, now, now… You might be thinking what is this pair of ‘granny panties’ doing on this ultimate guide to female underwear. Let us tell you. While as the previous one, it may not be the sexiest pair of panties in the universe, it certainly does have an ability to perform miracles for your waist area if you did eat that one extra cake and you’re feeling bad or insecure about it. We, however, don’t believe that you’d want them to be seen in low-rise pants, so it’s best to limit these to the high-waisted pants.

female underwear


  1. French-Cut Panties

Despite resembling the briefs, these panties feature high-cut leg holes, which are not only more feminine but also better for your circulation.

female underwear



  1. Hipsters

No, these panties are not worn only by hipsters. Their name came from the waistband which is sitting on the hips. While providing the full coverage, these panties are also ideal for wearing low-rise pants.

female underwear



  1. Bikinis

Fifth on our ultimate guide to female underwear are bikinis – modeled after, you’ve already guessed, bikini bottoms. Providing a little coverage, they can be worn under almost anything and stay invisible.

female underwear



  1. Thongs

When planning to wear a super-tight fitting dress, the thongs are your friend. With a minimal coverage, you need not worry about unattractive panty lines.

female underwear


  1. G-strings

female underwear


The garment with least amount of fabric to it on our ultimate guide to female underwear is this cute little piece. And, it’s totally up to you what you want to wear it with.


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