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Female Models Who Are On Men Fashion Show

Female Models Who Are On Men Fashion Show

Shaved head and androgynous style is not what a woman make and is far from what meets the standards in the modeling world. But with her electrifying stare, fierce and competitive endeavor, she makes all the headlines, turns people’s heads, and piques their interest. And what makes her a jewel in the crowd?It is her ability to take Men’s Runways by storm.

Meet Kris Gottschalk, years before we’ll be looking at a female model with the usual long blonde hair, the most-desired petite figure and pretty face splashed across colorful magazines. But then mishap happens; a motorcycle accident lead to a broken bone, stitches and ultimately, shaving down her long blonde mane. It was one of her darkest moments, and she was grateful that she survived, but little did she know, that this will all be her turning point.

Now with a shaved head, she was met with extensive demands from edgier clients. Her current career comprises of modeling jobs for the rock n’ roll crowd and strutting boyish clothing style. And not only did she managed to stay radiant under the spotlight amidst the crowd of male models, she also finds spontaneity and authentic enjoyment in what she does. And it all comes naturally, for she stayed true to herself and it was and still is her passion.

Leading the innovation, Kris is full of hopes and excitement for the future as she breaks down the standards and stereotypes every woman has to face in the modeling industry. And if you ask her €˜the best way to succeed’, it will all be in how €˜real and genuine’ you stay true to yourself.