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Feathers Flying in St.Tropez

On our recent trip to Europe St.Tropez was our final stop. The guests were asked to dress in white and gold €” MrB kept reminding me of it €” so I wore all gold.When we arrived at the party, everyone else was wearing all white.I kept asking him, €œAre you sure gold was an option?! € Everyone else has a lot more white than gold in their wardrobe. I guess wearing metallics is a jewelry-designer thing! I’m not sure I could even put together an all-white outfit.








We made some new friends, with whom we had dinner the next night.   I got that G-Lish top from Patricia Field at the beginning of July and it was molting when I wore it the first time to the Southpaw premiere. The colors seemed perfect for St. Tropez though, so I carefully packed the top and took it with me.   It shed so much during dinner that I arranged the feathers on my bread plate, to the waiter’s dismay.I schlepped the top to Patricia Field to see what they could do, but they had no sympathy because their 10-day exchange period was over before I even wore the thing the first time.I should toss this in the trash, but I’m curious to see how many feathers will eventually fall out. Will it be every single plume or will there be a few survivors? I need to watch a little while longer to see what happens. By the way, if you ever own a piece of my jewelry that spontaneously combusts like this, please let me know. I will fix it for you. I will also review the quality of that design in general. For that matter, if you’re responsible for damage to your Wendy Brandes jewelry €” you drop it, step on it, drop it down a garbage disposal €” I’ll fix that kind of problem for you too. (I recently repaired a chain that had been grabbed by a baby.) I prefer to repair or polish my own work rather than having you bring it to a local jeweler who might cause damage I can’t undo. Email me at info at wendybrandes dot com if you need any help.