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Fav Foundations

Hello my beautiful beauty bunnies!!

While I’m unwinding in my little flat on this melancholy, chilly night in NYC I thought I would share some of my go-to fav foundations with all of you!

Philosophy’s no motivation to shroud moment skin tone consummating moisturizer is one of my total most loved tinted moisturizers.

If you wake up feelin super puffy, super lethargic and you basically simply need something to try and out your skin condition that will cover and treat your skin at the SAME TIME.. help your self out and go get this enchantment for $45!

Another one of my go-to tinted moisturizers is laura mercier’s sans oil tinted moisturizer. This item is a staple in my gym bag. Its the perfect coverage directly after a good sweat however will keep going on your skin the whole work day. This has more coverage than the philosophy moisturizer yet at the same time feels light & moisturizing. This baby keeps running for $44

MAC FACE & BODY!!! I want to utilize MAC’s face and body tinted moisturizer directly after I get a new spray tan to upgrade my bronzy shine! This equation is light, durable and can be utilized head to toe! profoundly prescribe to use with damp excellence blender. dont be shy women this item has build-able coverage! WERK! $27

We should plunge into foundation women!! alright SO i just got bobbi brown’s luminous moisturizing treatment foundation at blue mercury and IM OBSESSED (oprah voice)!!! this foundation is ideal for the winter months particularly in NYC when its solidifying and im sitting before a warmer throughout the day. Its super moisturizing yet not oily. Your skin will look plump, radiant and FABULOUS!! this little gem keeps running for $52!

To all my sistas in the spot light.. which these days is everyone..cause everybody has instagram and takes selfies and makes snap chat videos so essentially this foundation is for everybody. Makeup perpetually’s HD foundation is a great everyday, medium coverage foundation that mixes flawlessly on each skin sort! get a container for just $43

What’s more, last however absolutely not slightest is this blast from the past. Macintosh’s studio fix liquid foundation. on the off chance that you are goin to the CLUB and need some substantial obligation coverage then get a bottle of this bad boy and go to down! I like to utilize this formula with a stunner blender or a feathery foundation brush. Blend this with some moisturizer for less coverage amid the week if ya a babe on a budget! just $26!