Father's Day DIY Gift

Father’s Day DIY Gift Idea

Can’t decide what to surprise your dad with this upcoming Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is such a special celebration that it merits thought and creativity into what we gift our dad’s. Here’s a really neat idea that will surely come in handy for any dad out there. This DIY project will definitely keep your dad’s more organized when leaving and coming back home or to the  office. Surprise your dad with his own personal organizer that will hold items such as: phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, pens and even his jacket. This organizer is super simple and fast to create.


Here are the  In-Process results of my organizer and the list of materials that you will need.

Father's Day DIY Gift

Father's Day DIY Gift


One 7″ Wide by 24″ Long Piece of Wood. This is the size of wood that I used for my organizer but the size can vary according to how big or small you want your organizer to be.

MINWAX Wood Finish Penetrating Stain. I used color Ebony 2718, but you can use any brand of wood finish and any tone you desire to enhance the aspect of your wood.

2 Clean Cloths. You will use one to apply the wood finish and another to clean any excess wood finish after you have left your wood to dry for 20 minutes with the wood finish stain.



Father's Day DIY Gift


Matte Chalk Acrylic Paint. I used the brand Waverly (Ink 60689E) to create the chalkboard on my organizer, but again you can use any brand and color you like.

One White Chalk or Chalk Marker. This will be used to write a lovely message on your chalkboard area.


Father's Day DIY Gift


Black Elastic. You will need at least 40 inches of your desired color of elastic for the size of wood that I used on my organizer. The amount of elastic will vary depending on the size of your organizer.

Upholstery Nails. These are used to attach the elastic onto the wood and make separations where desired to insert the items such as phone. wallet, sunglasses, and pens. I used a total of 20 upholstery nails for my organizer.

Cup Hooks. These will be screwed onto the wood below the elastic strips and used to hang keys, jacket, etc. You can use any size and color of cup hooks that you desire.

1 Ruler, 1  Measure Tape, 1 Pencil, Scissors,  Hammer.


The perfect and unique gift for Dad on Father’s day!

Father's Day DIY Gift