I am addicted to you - FATHER OF MY FUTURE CHILDREN 1


For me, children are still a long way off (if I want to have them, that is). However, a few days ago, I went over an article in the New York Times about Millennial fathers not getting to be what they needed to be.

Right then and there, I truly began imagining myself as a mother several years down the road.

As indicated by the Times, men in my era completely anticipate being various types of fathers than their own particular fathers were, yet their trusts simply aren’t working out. Rather, they’re falling once more into the conventional traditional gender roles they at first proposed to maintain a strategic distance from.

1. I want him to be involved.

I want him to endeavor to be at our children’s softball games, piano presentations, and so on. Whatever they’re involved with, I want him there, regardless of the fact that it means missing some work.

2. I want him to be a good role model.

Children copy their parents, and I need my kids to have a father I’d be proud to watch them emulate.

3. I want him to avoid going behind my back.

I believe there’s certain to be a few “Mother said no, so I figure I’ll ask Dad” minutes, however in terms of something genuine, I need us to stand united.

4. I need him to do his part.

I don’t anticipate being the one and only evolving diapers, feeding the children or getting up amidst the night to deal with a crying infant.

I likewise don’t anticipate pushing those tasks on my spouse. We’re both going to need to put the time and effort.

5. I want him to avoid making me the €œbad guy. €

I would prefer not to be the one disciplining, while he’s the one taking the children to get ice cream. I don’t need him to maintain a strategic distance from the “bad” and just share in the ” €œgood.”

6. I want him to be open-minded.

Having a open mind is imperative in such a variety of ranges of life, so I envision it’ll be particularly vital regarding child rearing. I don’t need him closing down each thought I have just on the grounds that it’s something he hasn’t considered some time recently.

Be that as it may, I need him to offer his proposals as well. Perhaps he’ll have the capacity to think of a genius approach to handle a situation I never would’ve concocted naturally.

7. I want him to be patient.

There’s no doubt pregnancy and the anxieties of bringing up youngsters will open up my craziness, notwithstanding when I attempt not to be that way. Children, as well, can be hard to handle, particularly on days when they’re feeling additional stubborn.

Managing so much craziness won’t be simple, however I trust it’s something he’ll have the capacity to do.

8. I want him to avoid arguing in front of the kids.

The last thing I need to do is put superfluous stress on my children, and contending before them would most likely have that impact.

No child needs to hear his or her guardians contending. In the event that there’s an issue, I need to manage it later, when the children aren’t inside of earshot.

9. I want him never to make the kids €œpick a side. €

We’re not continually going to concur, but rather that doesn’t mean we ought to part up and take diverse “sides.”

We ought to never endeavor to have our children pick one parent over the other. That is childish, and it’s something I’d like to keep away from no matter what.

10. I want him to put in effort, not be perfect.

There’s no such thing as flawlessness, regardless of how hard anybody tries. I’m going to screw up, as is my future spouse. It is absurd to expect something else.

I do, nonetheless, need him to attempt his best to be a good father. In my mind, that is what’s truly critical.