fighting acne

4 great tricks for fighting acne

We are all familiar with the little monsters that happen to show on our face, at least, one time in our lives – acne! And fighting acne? Oh, that is a full-time job!

And they kinda have a habit of showing up on our faces right in time when we have to look fabulous! Going on a date, wanting to look super cool and glamorous? Well, that’s not going to happen! Guess what, one of these monsters already decided to pop up in the most prominent place on your face just to annoy you!

We, girls, understand these problems and that’s why we decided to fight back! We bring you a few useful tricks for keeping your face nice and smooth!


Tricks for fighting acne – no more skin imperfections


Food ! And again food!

You will not believe how much food is important for your skin and especially if you have problems with acne! Scientists came to the conclusion that acne is connected to your blood sugar levels and a hormone insulin. So, whenever you eat food that raises your sugar levels, your skin is going to react! Unfortunately, ladies, that means fewer cookies, fewer Cokes, and less Granola bars! Sad, but it’ll help in the long run!

Focus on eating healthy food, like veggies. They will provide your body with the precious antioxidants which are very important for the normal functioning of your skin!

Facial cleansing

Cleansing of your skin is very important! You should follow a three-step process: using a gentle facial cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. Foam facial cleansers are the best options because they allow more oxygen into the pores and clean them thoroughly. The next step is a toner, which minimizes the pores and controls every excess of oil that may get into your skin during the day. Because both the cleanser and the toner contain alcohol, at the end, you should use moisturizer to hydrate your skin.

Use makeup with caution

Many of the makeup product are proven to clog the pores, so be careful! Makeup can even worsen your acne problems! The best tip is to find the products that contain substances that fight acne. Some foundations on the market have salicylic acid that prevents the breakouts of acne.

Use towelettes not towels

A lot of bacteria can be found on the towels. We use towels to dry our hands and we leave plenty of the germs on them and then we use the same towels again for our face. Avoid this habit as much as you can and try to use towelettes. They are more hygienic  and your face will be cleaner.

Well, girls we know that fighting acne is not an easy task! We hope that we helped you, at least a little bit and that you’ll have a nicer skin following these simple tricks!