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Most fashionable shoes every woman should have!

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Do you know which are the most fashionable shoes right now? Kind of a hard  question right?

In the world of fashion so many things are changing on a daily basis that it is really hard to stay up-to-date with  the last fashion trends. No matter what is in question.  Even though it is best to build your own style and stop follow all these changes. Why even discuss the fashion? Who says that your style cannot be as fashionable as it is from celebrity people? Because it doesn’t go that way, right?

Unfortunately it is not us who build fashion. Fashion leaders are mostly celebrities. No matter what they wear it is fashionable.  Even the craziest combinations are totally IN. And most women are trying to follow those fashion trends. Well ok, not Lady Gaga’s quite, but from many other celebrities.

Now, we are sure you are tired of constantly keeping track about all these changes. So today we will talk a little bit about the fashion. Not clothes though, but shoes. What is even better, not about the last fashion yet about fashionable  shoes that are always in and every woman should have them.


Let’s see what is always marked as fashionable shoes


 1- Black pumps

These shoes are always elegant no matter what you wear. They fit almost in all the wearing combinations.

 2- Ankle strap sandals

These will also fit with almost everything.

 3- Sleek ankle boots

These will fit excellently with pair of jeans or dresses.

 4- Ballet flats

All the colors and models  are great but basic black ones are the best choice. These shoes are extremely comfortable too.

 5- Animal print heels

These are great in any combination because they will add to the overall look by killing the monotonous look.

 6- Metallic heels

They are best for the night but will work just fine in a daily outfit too.

 7- Platform wedges
Stylish and elegant for every occasion.

 8- Casual sneakers
You can combine them too with everything. Especially if you have a black pair.

 9- Flat sandals
The best choice for the summer combinations of course.

10- Tall flat boots
These will be the best for winter and autumn and will fit most of your wearing combinations.

With these shoes you are always trendy and up-to-date. Of course, you can play with colors. It is not a written rule that shoes must be black. Play a little bit with your style.