Fashion World Is Obsessed With Fishing

Fishing, of all things, is what caught the eyes of many prominent fashion designers lately. Although it does sound a bit odd, I think the whole ordeal does make a lot of sense. Fashion often draws inspiration from different niches, be it black leather and jeans that bikers wear or the lovely uniforms of flight attendants. With that in mind, why wouldn’t a collection or three get inspiration with clothes made for the Great Outdoors? After all nature is the everlasting source of beauty, and we as a part of it can’t really resist enjoying its glorious presence. Fishermen go out and enjoy that colossal beauty often, and their clothes is bound to accept some elements of nature. Camo jackets and dark green rough spun sweaters do have a certain natural aesthetics to them.


Junya Watanabe was the first one to implement some of these elements with her 2012 collection which included classic mahogany wellingtons and waxed tech jacket in orange and red pleather. Even now we have people who do similar things with their collection €“ Kenzo had clothes with gladiator-style waders adorned with cutouts for Spring 2016.


Gypsy Sport and Alexander Wang’s 2016 Spring collections made fishing accessories cooler than ever, and that includes stuff like bucket hats. If you don’t want to go full out fisherman after all, there’s plenty of tips for pulling of a subtle look with fisherman motifs thrown in there. Combine your raincoat with some overalls made n workwear style and you are set to go.


There really is something for everyone, you do not need to walk the streets with fishing rods and lines attached to your oversized backpack, but it is nice to take a look at those outdoorsy catalogues and pick something out for you.